Ghosts in the Hood won’t be scared outta Compton

Drive-through mortuary
Compton’s spirits better watch their backs as Ghosts in the Hood have arrived

Ghosts in the Hood premieres tonight and these guys are ready to kick Casper and his friends into touch.

You might be a fan of Ghost Adventures or Paranormal Lockdown, but this is a ghost series unlike any other.

POP team
Team leader Defecio with his nephew Matty trying out some new tech

With a slightly less po-faced approach to say the least, the team are out to see what kind of spirits and devils are hanging out in the city of angels.

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The OPO command vehicle
The OPO command vehicle, where the team chill and work out their next case

In this premiere episode they head to a drive-through mortuary where there have been reports of some strange paranormal activity. The manger tells them about hearing footsteps in the chapel and a strange figure appearing in the the office.

Maunda is the researcher and lore expert. She'll talk to residents, bums or anyone who will give up ghostly intel
Maunda is the researcher. She’ll talk to residents, bums or anyone who will give up ghostly intel

Compton locals confirm that the mortuary is renowned for strange noises and other ghostly activity. One guy tells them there has even been shootings inside the building, with gang members looking to shoot a dead guy some more!

They also investigate an artifact found in the home of a hoarder, is it cursed or is something else the source of the problem?

Jasmine the medium has some unusual methods...
Jasmine the medium has some unusual methods…

Official Paranormal Operations (OPO) are led by Defecio Stoglin, and he is he joined by medium Jasmine Orpilla, tech wiz Dave Purdy, stand-up comic Matty Richeards and Maunda Oyin who is the main researcher.

Drive-through mortuary
The team sound out the drive-through mortuary, where the dead ain’t staying dead

These guys don’t stop at established haunted houses or historical buildings with ghost tours, they will track down ghosts anywhere. From a piñata shop to a brothel, nowhere is no-go for OPO.

Matty obeys the number one OPO rule, stay calm!
Matty obeys the number one OPO rule, stay calm!

As they put it: “If you’re a ghost, and you’re livin’ in the hood? You better watch the f**k out, because we’re gonna get you.”

Catch Ghosts in the Hood  – Scared Straight Outta Compton at 10 PM on WEtv or watch the first episode online for free.

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