Jasmine Orpilla: Who is Ghosts in the Hood’s verified medium?

Jasmine Orpilla, from WE tv's Ghosts in the Hood
Jasmine Orpilla, Official Paranormal Operations’ medium from WE tv’s Ghosts in the Hood

Ghosts in the Hood on WE tv has been one of the best additions to the paranormal genre in recent months, with its genius new take on supernatural investigations.

The series focuses on the Official Paranormal Operations organization set up by founder Defecio Stoglin. But the O.P.O wouldn’t be anywhere without their verified medium Jasmine Orpilla.

The Filipina-American clairvoyant has been speaking to the spirit world for years, after she experienced a string of mysterious happenings as a child which psychologists, religion and science couldn’t explain.

With the help of a string of mentors, she has since learned how to channel her paranormal abilities constructively so they don’t affect her day-to-day life.

She is known for giving spookily accurate readings, as well as carrying out tarot-assisted healings, spirit guide communications, past-life connections and more.

On top of her paranormal abilities, Jasmine works as a ritual performance artist and a composer in experimental musical theatre. She has an impressive vocal range from G3 to C7, and can rap at 250+BPM.

Watch an example of one of her ritual performance pieces below…

You can also hear her rap super-fast in this clip…

Jasmine runs the website Ninjamamalickum, where she posts updates about her latest creations as well as her work as a medium.

She’s also had a smattering of smallscreen roles including in 2011 web series BYRDwatch, and has worked as the musical director of The Vault performance-art ensemble.

Jasmine grew up in Saudi Arabia and has also lived in Paris before moving to LA.

You can find out more about her on her Instagram and Twitter.

Ghosts in the Hood airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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