Who is Matt Richards from Ghosts in the Hood?

Matt Richards smoking a huge spliff
Matt Richards, who is partial to smoking some “sage”, on WE tv’s Ghosts in the Hood

Ghosts in the Hood is one of the most hilarious new shows on TV — and it wouldn’t be anything without the wise-cracking Matt Richards. But who is he?

Matt is Official Paranormal Operations boss Defecio Stoglin‘s friend from New York, where he works as a stand-up comic. Defecio is the first to admit that Matt — who he calls Matty — “don’t know s**t about ghosts”.

But he took him on board when setting up his ghost-hunting-outfit in Compton because Matt’s “mama” asked him to look after him while he was in California.

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Matt and Defecio
Defecio and Matt, who make a hilarious double-act on the show

Matt admits: “Ghost hunting was never really a job option for me.” And this is evidenced by the fact that he is without doubt the most scaredy cat of any member of the O.P.O. team.

However that and his constant stream of hilarious capers and dead-pan one-liners are some of the main reasons to watch WE tv’s genius new take on the ghost show.

He decided to take part after hearing the show was going to be on TV. He said: “When I heard there was cameras involved, I thought ‘this is a chance to get my Instagram followers up’.”

Matt grew up in Queens, New York, and says he initially used comedy to defend himself from bullies “and gangsters”. Before joining Ghosts in the Hood he was a regular on the stand-up circuit (check out part of one of his routines here) and has performed both in the US and around the world.

He has also featured on MTV’s Joking Off.

You can find out more about him on his Facebook and Twitter, and see his pics on Instagram.

Ghosts in the Hood airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WE tv.

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