Woman Matt Grundhoffer cheated on Briana Renee with appears on Little Women: LA reunion

Briana Renee on the Little Women: LA reunion
Briana Renee on the Little Women: LA reunion, where she will come face to face with Stephania

The woman who Matt Grundhoffer admitted kissing behind Briana Renee’s back earlier this season on Little Women: LA is set to make a bombshell appearance on the show’s reunion.

The barmaid, who is called Stephania, will take to the stage during the group recap of the season, airing in two parts on Lifetime this week and next week.

And it has emerged she will reveal all the details of her night in Alaska with Matt, which led to Briana saying she was going to divorce him before she gave him another chance.

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Stephania’s appearance comes in next week’s episode of the reunion, but tonight’s is also hold-on-to-your-seats dramatic as Matt appears and is grilled by all the women as they demand answers.

We also see Briana’s former friend Lisa appearing, to clear up exactly what was in the messages Matt sent her earlier in the season.

She previously told how he had made comments about “dreams” of some sort which she found inappropriate, and also confided in her when he would fight with Briana, below.

This week’s Part 1 of the reunion sees host Kevin Frazier interrogate Terra Jole on her behavior with Christy Gibel, as Terra’s husband Joe rushes to her defence.

Meanwhile, in next week’s concluding Part 2 Stephania makes her appearance. We also see Mary break down as she defends her feuds with Tonya Banks and Elena Gant.

Meanwhile, Kerwin and Angelique also join the ladies and give an update on ongoing issues with Tonya and Kerwin’s engagement.

Next week’s episode will also give a sneak peak at the upcoming Little Women: LA: Couples Retreat.

The Little Women: LA Reunion airs tonight and next Wednesday at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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