Winner of AGT 2018 revealed during America’s Got Talent season finale

Bebe Rexha on AGT
Bebe Rexha during America’s Got Talent finale. Pic credit: NBC

The America’s Got Talent winner has been revealed during the 2018 season finale. 10 acts were hopeful that their performances from September 18 were enough to nab America’s vote.

The final results show of the season was two hours long. It would become a night of slow revelations and guest acts in order to fill time and create drama. That included a performance by Bebe Rexha. In the end, one act would be named the 2018 AGT winner.

2018 AGT finalists

The final 10 acts were Shin Lim, Michael Ketterer, Samuel J. Comroe, Duo Transcend, Zurcaroh, Vicki Barbolak, Courtney Hadwin, Brian King Joseph, Glennis Grace, and Daniel Emmet. Heading into the night, Las Vegas odds stated that Courtney Hadwin and Shin Lim were the favorites to win the $1 million prize.

Final 10 get to take the stage again

Through the night, each of the final 10 contestants got to take the stage. As shown above, Glennis Grace got to perform a duet with Bebe Rexha.

Also, comedian Vicki Barbolak did some jokes with David Spade on stage. Michael Ketterer may have stolen the show, though, as Garth Brooks wrote him a song that he got to perform.

These segments probably helped all of the contestants destress during a really intense episode. It also provided a lot of footage for viewers to enjoy before the episode got to the meat of it all.

Five acts get eliminated

It was finally time to start culling the acts and it was revealed which acts would not be moving forward. The eliminated acts were  Courtney Hadwin, Daniel Emmet, Duo Transcend, Glennis Grace, and Vicki Barbolak. Some of those were very surprising, as it was expected that Courtney would be in the running to become the 2018 America’s Got Talent winner.

AGT 2018 top five acts

The top five acts for the 2018 AGT season are Brian King Joseph, Michael Ketterer, Samuel J. Comroe, Shin Lim, and Zurcaroh. One of those acts would be rewarded the $1 million prize, but another commercial break certainly needed to take place first.

It was then time to count down where the 2018 top five AGT acts had finished. Michael Fetterer finished in fifth place. Samuel J. Comroe finished fourth place. Brian King Joseph finished third place.

There were a lot of shocked faces as acts were getting eliminated, including on the judging panel. Vegas also couldn’t have predicted how this one was going to turn out.

AGT final two

Shin Lim and Zurcaroh were the final two acts standing.

One of them would be winning the $1 million prize and the shot at having a successful stint in Las Vegas. The other act would probably also have a career on the stage, beginning with the tour that the top 10 AGT acts usually go on each year.

Magician Shin Lim is the America’s Got Talent winner for 2018. He was a frontrunner and an obvious favorite from the beginning of the AGT season and he managed to make it all the way to the end and win.

America’s Got Talent will return in summer 2019 to NBC.

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