Will there be a Netflix Season 4 of Travelers?

Travelers Season 3 Grant MacLaren
Eric McCormack stars as FBI agent Grant MacLaren and Traveler 3468. Pic credit: Netflix.

Netflix released the third season of Travelers and the series stuck to its binge-worthy formula. The finale of Season 3 Protocol Omega left fans wondering if there will be a Season 4 just a week after the current season premiered.

The series features an all-Canadian cast with Eric McCormack, Nesta Cooper, Mackenzie Porter, Jared Abrahamson, and Reilly Dolman as the Travelers coming from the future to prevent the destruction of society.

Will there be a Travelers Season 4?

Travelers has been a sleeper hit for Netflix and Google trends suggest that it is one of the most popular sci-fi series on the giant streaming platform.

It is still early for Netflix to announce a renewal or potential release date for Travelers Season 4. However, Netflix showed faith in the series by taking over production from Canadian channel Showcase after two seasons.

Travelers creator Brad Wright revealed that Netflix takes Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings into account when deciding whether to renew a series. The audience and cost of production are also major factors in Netflix’s decision-making process.

Travelers Season 3 has made it into Rotten Tomatoes top twenty and has a 99 percent audience rating score. Previous seasons have received critical acclaim despite the relatively little press coverage.

There is a good chance Travelers will get a Season 4. Netflix taking over production of the series is a strong indicator that more seasons are in the works. Interest in a Season 4 of Travelers is trending strongly on Google since the third season premiered and clearly, fans of the show want to know when there will be more.

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Charly harpole
Charly harpole
1 year ago

Problem is tired writers. Bring S4 in with VERY sexy girl doctor, Trevor in catatonic freeze, all ALL kinds teams gone except the heros, more Grace who carries plague but is psycho dr to master computer who is lonely/mad, and show mankind worthless but saved anyway. Intro a Nordic alien with CMD.
Boss takes free saucer ride with ticketed tourists to Dulce, escapes by spitting on unseen aliens there.
Get USA govt release of tv saucers meaningful; don’t let that lay down.
Get urgency back with less shooting,run instead.
The show “book” is tired. Wish i could help save this great show.