Why was Mary shunned on Return to Amish?

Mary Schmucker in a Return to Amish confessional
Mary left the Amish but is trying to return. Pic credit: TLC

Return to Amish has been all over the place this season. Mary Schmucker is back, but she has decided to try and reenter the Amish community after being shunned for years. When she decided to leave the community and live in the English world, Mary left everything behind.

This season of Return to Amish has chronicled Mary attempting to be welcomed back into the church. She told Jeremiah and Carmela Raber she was returning so that when her daughter was married in the church she would be there. It isn’t that easy for Mary and what has been documented has stunned viewers.

Why is Mary shunned from the Amish church?

Mary Schmucker left the Amish community with her son Abe. She decided to live English, and it worked for a while. Her husband remained in the community, so she had to learn to live without him.

The Amish church has shunned Mary because she went English. That — coupled with some other things she reportedly did which are deemed sins by the church, including driving — means there was almost no coming back for the Return to Amish star.

Mary tried to return to the Amish church

From the beginning of this season, Mary has been trying to get the church to allow her to come back. In an effort to show them she was serious, she gave up her car and drivers license, reverting back to the horse and buggy.

She was also caught giving tupperware to the other woman in the community. Mary was confronted by the bishop about her misdeeds, which was seen as a setback for the former reality star.

However, the Amish church did ultimately allow Mary to return. She is now in good standing with the Amish community and allowed to attend her daughter’s wedding.

Return to Amish airs Sunday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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