Why is Ian leaving Shameless? Cameron Monaghan announces exit from Showtime hit

Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher on Shameless
Cameron Monaghan reveals his plan to leave Shameless after Season 9. Pic credit: Showtime

First, it was Fiona, and now we’re learning that Ian Gallagher will be checking out of Shameless too. Cameron Monaghan announced his exit from the Showtime hit via Instagram in a thoughtful post.

That’s not all Monaghan revealed either. He also shared with fans that his last episode of Shameless will actually be the next one, not giving Ian Gallagher fans much time to prepare for the exit of the fan favorite.


Monaghan revealed that he’s known about Ian Gallagher’s exit from Shameless for over a year but didn’t want to share the news with fans too soon. It’s not clear if his departure is voluntary or if he was written off the Showtime series as part of the Season 9 storyline.

What we do know is that Ian Gallagher may not be gone forever. Cameron Monaghan hinted that there might be a return to Shameless in the future when he wrote, “We’ll meet again?” at the end of his goodbye note, making it look like Ian will be back at some point, just not as a series regular.

The most recent episode, Black-Haired Ginger, hints that Ian might be going on the run. He debuted new, black hair in the courtroom, teasing that he might have to run from the law and change up his looks in order to do it. So, will we be missing Ian because he’s in jail or because he’s gone AWOL again?

Monaghan is the second major character from Shameless to announce their exit this season. Emmy Rossum also announced that Season 9 would be her last, leaving viewers to wonder how the show would even go on without Fiona Gallagher.

Now, without both Fiona and Ian, two of the most chaotic characters on the show, we have to wonder what the future of Shameless will look like.

Those who want to see more of Cameron Monaghan have nothing to worry about. It seems that he’s been very busy even while filming Shameless. Many already know that he also plays Jerome Valeska on Gotham among his many other projects.

Shameless airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime. 

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