Who won The Amazing Race 2019? Recap of Season 31 finale

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The Amazing Race Season 31 cast members Victor and Nicole. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The Amazing Race winner gets revealed on Wednesday night. During the two-hour Season 31 finale, one team will walk away with the $1 million cash prize.

This Amazing Race recap comes from Episode 11, which airs at 9/8c on June 26.

It will be updated live as the episode takes place on CBS. Fans can find out who The Amazing Race 2019 winner is as it happens.

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During the last episode, it was Rebecca “Becca” Droz and Floyd Pierce who got eliminated from the race.

For the final two-hour episode, the teams are shown competing in the last legs of this race around the world.

The Amazing Race season finale recap

At the start of Season 31, Episode 11, there will be four teams left.

They are Colin Guinn and Christie Woods, Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran, and the Big Brother team of Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo.

The season itself has been an interesting one, as producers brought back people who have competed on The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and Survivor.

These are three of the most popular reality competition shows on television, so pitting them against each other was an interesting idea.

Now, there are three former Race teams competing against one Big Brother team to decide which duo wins the season. Let’s all find out the results together!

The Amazing Race season finale

Colin and Christie started out the final leg with the lead after finishing in first place during the last episode. They were followed by LTyler and Korey out of the gate.

Despite being in front, it was pretty clear that the producers were going to level the playing field at some point during the episode. That’s exactly what happened at London Gatwick Airport

Leo and Jamal took the lead in London, where they would have to travel through the city to find a Golden Queen. They also got to take a speedboat down the Thames and under London Bridge.

The other teams were soon in hot pursuit.

Leo and Jamal got to the next challenge first, which involved using a vintage typewriter to decipher encrypted messages. The result would be a new clue and some of the teams started helping each other when they got there.

The detour was what came next. It involved either taking a taxi ride and memorizing the 22 directions they were given or rowing a timed race on the river.

Leo and Jamal went for the taxi, while the other three teams were trying to row. They had tried rowing, but Leo looked panicked and had them switch challenges.

Everyone has trouble at the rowing challenge and teams start heading over to the taxi challenge.

Leo and Jamal finish it first and head off to meet Phil. When they get there, he presents them with another clue that must be completed first.

Eight items must be tracked down at the market before a team can officially finish the leg.

Which teams make it to Amazing Race Season 31 final three?

All of the teams made it to the market and were searching for items at the same time. This allowed producers to ramp up the drama as it all played out.

Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran won the leg. Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl got there second and helped the team of  Colin Guinn and Christie Woods finish third.

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo were eliminated from the race around the world.

Final leg of The Amazing Race Season 31 begins

The only teams left as the race headed back to the United States were ones that had participated in the show before. All of the Big Brother and Survivor contestants had been eliminated.

When the trio of teams made it to Detroit, they had to repel down a building while finding numbers. Those numbers correlated to a combination they had to use to get into a bank vault.

The vault was not easy to open, but Colin and Christie were able to take an important lead on the final leg. Tyler and Korey caught up to and passed Leo and Jamal at the challenge.

The two leading teams breezed through their next challenge, pushing Leo and Jamal even further behind. It appeared that the duo was not going to be in contention to become The Amazing Race Season 31 winners.

What team is The Amazing Race Season 31 winner?

Tyler and Korey started to form a nice lead, with Colin and Christie not too far behind. At the next challenge, Colin and Christie were able to take the lead, but it also showed how far behind Leo and Jamal had fallen.

The final challenge was assembling a full drum kit while lots of loud music was being performed around them.

The team who won The Amazing Race 2019 was Colin Guinn and Christie Woods. 

The Amazing Race returns with new episodes on CBS in fall 2019.

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