Who wins The Amazing Race 2019? Winner revealed this week

The Amazing Race Season Finale
Leo and Jamal in London during Amazing Race Season 31 finale. Pic credit: CBS

Who wins The Amazing Race 2019? All will be revealed during the next episode of the show. The season pitted teams from Big Brother, Survivor, and past seasons of The Amazing Race against each other, with a $1 million prize on the line.

During the last episode, Rebecca “Becca” Droz and Floyd Pierce (Team Fun) were eliminated from the race around the world. That leaves just four teams competing to become the Season 31 winner.

The teams left in the race are Colin Guinn and Christie Woods, Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, Leo Temory and Jamal Zadran, and the Big Brother team of Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo.

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When is the Amazing Race Season 31 finale?

The final episode of the spring airs Wednesday night (June 26) at 9/8c on CBS. It is a two-hour installment, showing how the final four teams wrapped up their race. It was taped a while ago, but the CBS audience will now find out the results.

As advertised by CBS, the final four teams will be shown racing through London and Detroit on the quest to cross the final finish line first. It looks like an intriguing final leg to the race. The start time is also a shift from the regular time in order to allow the second part of the Big Brother season premiere to air at 8/7c.

Who wins The Amazing Race 2019?

The season started out with 11 teams, including three from Big Brother, four from Survivor, and four from past seasons of The Amazing Race. It was fun to watch the three reality shows combined into one competition.

The Amazing Race Emmy Moment - TBD

Three former teams from The Amazing Race are still active in the final four, with only Nicole and Victor left from the other two shows. It might indicate that there is a defined advantage to having played the game before. That seems to make the Big Brother duo the underdog as the final legs of the show are depicted this week.

The Amazing Race 2019 airs Wednesday night at 9/8c on CBS.

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