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Who was sent home on Survivor? Who bit the hand that fed them?

Rob Statue Survivor
Rob and Sandra have brought an interesting twist to Survivor 39. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

A new episode meant someone was sent home on Survivor tonight. It was the fifth person who has been eliminated from Survivor: Island of the Idols, but it was a tad less dramatic than the previous blindsides on the show.

In successive weeks, Vince Moua and Chelsea Walker were voted out at Tribal Council, despite each possessing an Idol. Chelsea found a Hidden Immunity Idol, while Vince earned an Individual Immunity Idol from the mentors.

The crazy season continued tonight, but it was going to be pretty unlikely that another person would meet with idols Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine only to be sent home without playing an Idol. Or was it? Anything can happen with a twist like this.

Who was sent home on Survivor tonight?

The new Lairo Tribe of Dean Kowalski, Jack Nichting, Jamal Shipman, Janet Carbin, Karishma Patel, Kellee Kim, Noura Salman, and Tom Laidlaw was at risk. They had lost a Reward Challenge and then the Team Immunity Challenge as well.

Earlier in the episode, Jeff Probst let them know that it was time to shake up the tribes. It means that some people would be shifting sides. It also meant Noura and Karishma were on the same side.

Tom Laidlaw and his age got brought up during Tribal Council, but Janet defended him and his personality. The conversation changed directions, but it was too late. Tom was sent home on Survivor tonight in a 5-2 vote. Noura lost her vote by failing during her challenge from Sandra and Rob during the previous episode.

There are now just 15 castaways left competing for the $1 million prize this season. They will all be back for Episode 6 next week, with the Lairo Tribe now down a person after the latest Tribal Council.

The tribe has already lost two challenges in the new configuration and could be in a lot of trouble moving forward.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights on CBS at 8/7c.

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