Who was eliminated on MTV’s The Challenge? War of the Worlds Ep. 13 recap includes Dee facing fear

who was eliminated mtv the challenge war of the worlds ep 13
Cara Maria and Paulie cheer during a tense elimination on The Challenge: War of the Worlds. Pic credit: MTV

So who was eliminated on MTV’s The Challenge? The latest War of the Worlds episode 13 included another elimination to open the show. It also included Dee facing her fear in the latest challenge which involved a not so fun aircraft rocking up above the water.

TJ brings back a favorite elimination

At the close of last week’s Challenge episode, a male elimination was on the schedule. TJ revealed it was the return of one of his all-time favorite eliminations too.

The cliffhanger was the Tribunal’s Wes asking if anyone wanted to volunteer to go into the elimination. That hinted that maybe we’d finally see Kyle and Paulie finish their feud with a one-on-one battle.

The Killing Floor was between Theo, Kyle, and Hunter. Nobody volunteered to go in as Paulie said he’s focused on the game and the money instead of his feud with Kyle.

With four votes from the Tribunal, Kyle went into elimination. He had to choose Theo or Hunter and chose Cara’s former ally. The two square off in Hall Brawl, a former challenge elimination event.

Kyle mentioned having a busted knee and a broken toe but still put up quite a fight. Each competitor scored a win to make it 1-1 in a grueling battle. In the deciding run through Hall Brawl, the two competitors went all out. As both guys ran for the bell, Theo got the close win. Kyle left the Killing Floor to the delight of Cara and Paulie.

The busted up airplane challenge

Theo talks to Ninja Natalie about Turbo seeming bent on getting some revenge against her. That’s because of her and Dee’s blowup against Turbo in the last episode. Ninja tells Theo she said what she could and that was that.

Later on, in a private meeting, Turbo tells Theo and Georgia that he wants to put two names on the table. It’s clear those names are Natalie and Dee.

The competitors arrive for the next challenge and immediately see a busted up aircraft hanging over the water. It’s “Crash Landing” and TJ is decked out in his pilot uniform. The objective is to solve a puzzle inside the plane and then jump out into the water in the quickest time.

Everyone gets their boarding pass and gets on the turbulent “Challenge Airways” flight. TJ announces that today’s top guy and girl competitor skip the next challenge and go straight to the final.

They soon learn this is no easy feat. Not only are they strapped into their seats, but this plane rotates and has water showering from overhead. Turbo is the first male to finish. Cara is the first female competitor to jump out.

Following them were Paulie, Wes, Ninja Natalie, and Georgia. Dee has to face her biggest fears of heights and water to jump out of the plane. After encouragement from Mattie, Dee does it and finishes seventh.

The latest tribunal, elimination options

Turbo and Cara Maria are announced as the two competitors going straight to the final. Paulie also qualifies as the third member of the Tribunal. Dee and Natalie are immediately worried that Turbo is part of the decision-making group. Dee believes she’s the one going in and makes a bet with her friend.

During nominations, Paulie offers up Dee as his choice. Turbo tells Cara and Paulie that was her first choice so he nominates his second choice, Natalie. Cara is torn between choosing the UK’s Georgia or U.S. competitor Da’Vonne. She likes both girls but opts for Da’Vonne.

Each girl goes in to make their case to the Tribunal. Natalie starts it off and tries to open up to Turbo again, becoming teary-eyed. The group assures Da’Vonne they aren’t calling her name when the voting happens. Natalie tries to do some politicking of her own. She even apologizes to Turbo later on and they hug it out.

MTV posted a poll to ask viewers who they’d vote in. As of this report, the vote was overwhelmingly for Ninja, but Dee was next in votes.

The episode closes once again at the Killing Floor ahead of the next elimination. Turbo votes for Dee and Cara votes for Da’Vonne. Paulie also votes Dee down to the floor and she chooses Da’Vonne to go against.

Next week will feature “Tug-o-War” to decide who goes home. Viewers can catch the next exciting episode of MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds on Wednesday, May 8 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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