Who does Georgia pick on MTV’s The Challenge?

who does georgia pick on mtvs the challenge
Georgia has a big decision to make about her fate on MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds. Pic credit: MTV

On Wednesday’s newest episode of MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds, fans got to see a master plan start to unfold. In addition, it was a female elimination day, so the trifecta had to come up with someone to send in.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode yet, keep in mind spoilers may follow.

MTV’s The Challenge features a big trifecta plan

Two episodes ago, it was the villainous Bear finally getting eliminated from the competition. Kyle was personally responsible for sending the UK competitor home.

That brought delight to Wes. It also drew a teary-eyed reaction from Bear’s in-house girlfriend, Georgia.

Fast forward to the episode on April 17, and Georgia was the latest one to get sent in. The trifecta consisted of females Mattie and Dee, along with the mastermind Wes.

He managed to convince the girls of his plan — to see which of the three females they put up for elimination would give them the most in a deal.

The three girls put up for elimination were Cara Maria, Davonne, and Georgia. After speaking with the girls, Wes and his “Wes’ Angels” ultimately found Cara offering a powerful deal.

She said that she and Paulie will work with Wes from here on. Mattie and Dee agreed to the deal to keep Cara and Paulie’s name out of their mouths.

That left Georgia and Davonne up for the final voting. The trifecta decided to send in Georgia as Wes wants to get rid of the UK competitors.

That left Bears’ main squeeze on the chopping block with the choice to face any female except Mattie or Dee.

Who will Georgia choose to face on The Challenge?

So who does Georgia pick in MTV’s The Challenge for elimination? Nobody knows yet as the episode cut with her making that decision. Her options are Cara Maria, Nany, Natalie, or Davonne. When it comes down to it, that’s some tough competition.

All four ladies are fierce opponents with three of them being Challenge vets. Ninja Natalie has her nickname from American Ninja Warrior so there’s that.

The show ended as Georgia said she would go out with a fight. That seems to refer to anyone she picks. However, if she’s going based on size, Davonne seems comparable to her. Cara, Nany, or Natalie are tougher competitors.

Georgia could decide to make a big statement by going against one of the best there is. That means Cara Maria. It would also break up Wes’ master plan, which Georgia could be wise to.

Fans will watch next Wednesday (Apr. 24) to see who Georgia picks for MTV’s The Challenge in a thrilling elimination!

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