Who stabbed DeLuca on Grey’s Anatomy? Beloved doctor dies

DeLuca Grey's Anatony
Dr. Andrew DeLuca died on Grey’s Anatomy Season 17. Pic credit: ABC

Dr. Andrew DeLuca died on Grey’s Anatomy last night. Many fans were left asking who stabbed DeLuca, as the event took place earlier in the night on Station 19.

The situation all stemmed from what took place during the fall finale of each show. On Station 19, the crew had been off shift but came across a house fire. They didn’t hesitate and ran into the burning building to save the people inside.

It turned out that people were being held against their will in the house and on the fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy, DeLuca spotted a woman he suspected of human trafficking back in the hospital. This time, instead of reporting it, DeLuca and his sister decided to investigate on their own.

During the March 11 episode of Station 19, Andrew and Carina DeLuca spent most of the time trying to track down the woman. It began by following her in a car, and then it evolved into getting on the same city bus and trying to track her on foot.

DeLuca stabbed on Grey’s Anatomy

As Andrew continued tracking the woman on foot at a bus station, Carina ran to get the police. Just when Andrew was coming up on the woman, he had a man run into him rather hard. DeLuca appeared dazed, but the show then went to another scene.

Later, we watched in horror as Carina found Andrew lying on the ground, bleeding from a stab wound he had suffered. It was not a survivable wound and DeLuca would later die at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. It was a dramatic ending for the character, but it also left a lot of questions.

Who stabbed DeLuca on Grey’s Anatomy?

For Grey’s Anatomy viewers who tuned in just for the new episode and didn’t watch what happened on Station 19, there were a lot of questions to be answered. Grey’s Anatomy started out with DeLuca arriving at the hospital with his wound, without providing an update on what had happened previously.

But there are still some lingering questions. DeLuca tried to tell people that “he” stabbed him, but everyone assumed it was the woman who did it. It wasn’t. And we still don’t know the identity of the mystery man. We only got to see a quick glimpse of him from the side, but the leading assumption is that he worked with the woman and was trying to help her escape.

We definitely haven’t seen the last of this particular season and in the upcoming episodes, it’s highly possible that more is learned about the murderer who is on the loose. Since it all happened at a bus station it is going to be caught on film. So someone knows. And since Opal (the woman) has been caught, she might have some answers.

This was a very shocking way to bring back Grey’s Anatomy, but it continues to give the show a feel of one that is close to the end. There are rumors that Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 won’t happen, and as another important character to the show gets killed off, we are starting to worry that the series finale is approaching.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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