Who plays Undersheriff Jerry London on Deputy? Mark Moses returns to TV

Mark Moses
Mark Moses plays Jerry London on the Deputy cast. Pic credit: FOX

Undersheriff Jerry London is on the Deputy cast and viewers are immediately going to recognize him during the season premiere. Mark Moses has had a supporting role on a long list of network shows over the years and that continues with this new show.

Some of the most notable roles for Moses have been Paul Young on Desperate Housewives, Duck Phillips on Mad Men, Dennis Boyd on Homeland, and as Matt Parker on The Single Guy.

Recently, Moses has been seen as Jason Wolfe on Berlin Station, President Jeff Michener on The Last Ship, and as Hugh Keating on Salvation.

His acting career goes back even further than that, as Moses has appeared in the movies Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, and Gettysburg. In fact, he has a very long career of playing roles in war movies.

Undersheriff London on Deputy

From the early trailers and clips for Deputy Season 1, it appears that Undersheriff London is going to play an antagonist to the main character Bill Hollister when it comes to the politics of the job.

Stephen Dorff plays Hollister, who is thrust into the job of being sheriff after his predecessor is murdered. It isn’t a job that Hollister had planned to take on, and there seems to be a lot of foreshadowing to indicate that London wants that job. It could lead to a lot of friction in the first few episodes.

This seems like a really good role for Mark Moses to take on, as he already brings a lot of believability to the part and some added gravitas to the show. Viewers may start out feeling a lot of disdain for London, but maybe we will all be surprised and the guy ends up supporting Hollister down the road.

The debut episode of the series airs on Thursday, January 2 at 9/8c on FOX. The show is receiving a lot of promotion by FOX and the stage is set for the show to do well with an early start on the winter 2020 schedule.

Deputy airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on FOX.

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