Who plays Diana Lindsay on the Bull cast? Jill Flint returns as guest star

Actress Jill Flint as Diana Lindsay on Bull cast
Actress Jill Flint as Diana Lindsay on Bull. Pic credit: CBS

Diana Lindsay re-joins the Bull cast for the latest episode of the show. As is highlighted in the video below, actress Jill Flint brings added “heat” to the Bull cast each time the character of Diana returns.

Diana Lindsay has been in numerous episodes of the show as a recurring member. This will now be the third season that she has taken part in Bull, with her routinely re-appearing to bring flair and drama to the life of Dr. Jason Bull (played by Michael Weatherly).

According to CBS, Diana’s niece and her husband face legal trouble in the newest episode. She enlists the help of Bull to help defend them, allowing the on-again, off-again romance to possibly be rekindled.


Who plays Diana Lindsay on Bull Cast?

Actress Jill Flint has been on television for a while now. She has a lot of acting credits under her belt, which includes stops on Gossip Girl, Six Degrees, and Nurse Jackie. Her roles in all of these shows reveals how well she adapts to different character styles.

In recent years, Flint has been seen as Lana Delaney on The Good Wife, Jill Casey on Royal Pains, Dr. Jordan Alexander on The Night Shift, and as Diana Lindsay on the Bull cast. She also played Pam in the new Clint Eastwood film, The Mule.


Having Jill Flint return as Diana Lindsay on the Bull cast is a treat for viewers. She has great on-screen chemistry with actor Micheal Weatherly and always makes the episodes more interesting. In addition to the pair, the Bull cast will have Freddy Rodriguez (Benny), Geneva Carr (Marissa), Jamie Lee Kirchner (Danny), Christopher Jackson (Chunk), and MacKenzie Meehan (Taylor) in the new episode of the show.

Bull airs at Monday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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