Who is Nell Jones’ sister on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Sisters Nell and Sydney Jones on NCIS: Los Angeles cast.
Sisters Nell and Sydney Jones on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast. Pic credit: CBS

Nell Jones’ sister returned to the NCIS: Los Angeles cast in the latest episode of the show. Called Born to Run, the episode dealt with Sydney showing up at Nell and Eric’s house to find help.

Nell (Renée Felice Smith) and Sydney (Ashley Rae Spillers) set out to help a former high school crush who has become wrapped up in a case that the NCIS team is working on. As Nell goes radio silent while trying to also avoid cameras in the city, Eric (Barrett Foa) becomes very nervous back at headquarters.

Also during the episode, Special Prosecutor John Rogers forces the team members to begin going through mandatory quarterly performance reviews. They would each rather help Eric track down Nell.


Who is Ashley Rae Spillers on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast?

Sydney Jones is played by actress Ashley Rae Spillers and she has been part of the NCIS: Los Angeles cast before this episode. She previously appeared as a Homeland Security Specialist on the show and this is the third episode that Nell’s sister has appeared.

Spillers has been acting for a while, with roles in films and on television. Recently, she has been seen as Janice Swift on Vice Principals, as Emily on Distance, and was the voice of Huggins on Red vs. Blue. Spillers has also appeared in the films Last Vegas, War Dogs, and Zero Charisma.

Casting Ashley Rae Spillers as the sister of Renée Felice Smith was a wise choice. The two women actually look like they could be sisters in real life, which helps add to the authenticity of Nell and Sydney Jones appearing in scenes together.

Having Sydney pop up also helps to get Nell out of the office, which is always a good thing for the supporting characters of the NCIS: Los Angeles cast.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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