Is Renée Felice Smith a good leader for NCIS: Los Angeles as Nell Jones?

Actress Renée Felice Smith has a new job with her character of Nell Jones on NCIS: Los Angeles. There were hints at what might happen during Season 11 of the show, but now Nell is really in charge of the NCIS: LA team. The bonus is that Nell has the blessing of Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt)


What happened to Nell on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Fans are still asking about what happened to Nell on NCIS: Los Angeles. Missing even one episode of the show can leave gaps in the timeline, such as this one. A few episodes ago, fans watched as the character of Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones (played by Renée Felice Smith) started to question what the future


Did Nell leave NCIS: Los Angeles cast? Where is Renée Felice Smith?

So, did Nell leave the NCIS: Los Angeles cast? Actress Renée Felice Smith exited the show during the last episode. But, is Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones really gone from NCIS: Los Angeles for good? Where is Renée Felice Smith? There were some very important segments during NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11, Episode 19 that involved


Is Nell leaving NCIS: Los Angeles? New episode presents question

NCIS: Los Angeles has a new episode on Sunday night and it will have viewers asking if Nell is leaving the show. There are only a few episodes left in NCIA: L.A. Season 11, which definitely suggests that there are going to be some unanswered questions when the show takes its summer hiatus. The unfortunate


Renee Felice Smith: Fans still think Nell is pregnant on NCIS: Los Angeles

Actress Renee Felice Smith still has fans thinking that Nell is pregnant on NCIS: Los Angeles. We have noted in the past that Smith enjoys wearing comfortable clothing and that this has translated directly to the wardrobe of her character, Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones. The wardrobe, which tends to be loose-fitting and very visually comfortable,


NCIS: Los Angeles — Will Nell and Eric start a family?

NCIS: Los Angeles could be entering new territory in the near future. Could that include Nell and Eric starting a family? Would the writers possibly have Nell become pregnant during the back end of Season 11? During the last episode of the show, there were several scenes involving Nell and/or Hetty Lange that showed how


Is Nell pregnant on NCIS: Los Angeles? Renee Felice Smith rumor persists

Fans continue to ask if Nell is pregnant on NCIS: Los Angeles. And actress Renee Felice Smith continues to deal with the rumors, which don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. During the latest episode of the show, Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones was shown in quite a few scenes working from the ops center


Is Nell on NCIS: Los Angeles pregnant? Where is Deeks?

Nell returned to NCIS: Los Angeles for the new episode of the show. It led to a lot of fans asking if Nell is pregnant. It’s a question that actress Renée Felice Smith has had asked about her character in the past as well. Season 11, Episode 2 also had CBS viewers asking about what