Did Nell leave NCIS: Los Angeles cast? Where is Renée Felice Smith?

Renée Felice Smith may have already left her role as Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones. Pic credit: CBS

So, did Nell leave the NCIS: Los Angeles cast? Actress Renée Felice Smith exited the show during the last episode.

But, is Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones really gone from NCIS: Los Angeles for good?

Where is Renée Felice Smith?

There were some very important segments during NCIS: Los Angeles Season 11, Episode 19 that involved Smith. It also opened the door for the actress to pursue other adventures in film and Hollywood.

Yes, Smith may have left the NCIS: Los Angeles cast. But CBS viewers may not learn as much as they had hoped due to the season finale airing much earlier than anticipated.

Smith may not be seen on screen again in Season 11, especially with the shortened number of episodes that CBS was able to complete in time.

Did Nell leave NCIS: Los Angeles cast?

This is a really open-ended question right now. The writers set things up so that Nell Jones could leave the NCIS: L.A. team, but also left the door open for her to return a bit later.

As viewers likely remember, Barrett Foa — he plays Tech Operator Eric Beale — missed a few episodes of the season to pursue a role in Angels in America. He played the part before coming back to CBS.

If Actress Renée Felice Smith decides to try something new, it would lead to Nell leaving the NCIS: Los Angeles cast for good. If she decides — much like her character on the show — to return, it could work right into the current stories.

As it stands, it could be argued that the character is both gone and not gone from the show. Confusing enough? It could get even more confusing without a true season finale to wrap up all the ongoing storylines of Season 11.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12

We still don’t even know if Season 12 of NCIS: Los Angeles is going to happen. CBS hasn’t ordered more episodes, and no announcement has been made about the future of the show.

A lot is up in the air in the world of television right now. That doesn’t appear to be close to changing.

What it could mean is that Season 11 will come to an end without viewers knowing if there is even going to be a return date in fall 2020.

Make sure to tune in for the final two episodes of Season 11 (on April 12 and April 19), just in case this is the end of the road.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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Elise Lacher
Elise Lacher
3 years ago

Please bring back NCIS Los Angeles. With so many new shows being busts, this one stands out. Kenzi is phenomenal as are the rest of the characters. So glad Heddy is back. Don’t ruin your line up by taking off this show.

Chris Heer
Chris Heer
3 years ago

NCIS LA is my favorite show. Way more humor than the other NCIS programs. I watch the show when ever I can including reruns. Bring it back!! All NCIS programs are way better than Chicago PD or some others.