Who is Latoya the ‘mystery woman’ on The Proposal? [Updated]

The Proposal
These men will be vying for the heart of LaToya, a practicing attorney, on The Proposal

UPDATE: As it turns out, the mystery woman is Latoya Blakely, a lawyer practicing in Dallas. On The Proposal, she revealed that she had been practicing for six years. She also revealed that she had been in a serious relationship, but had lost her partner in a horrible car crash.

After scrolling through her Instagram, it’s clear that Latoya loves life, going out with friends, her work, and her family. And there’s also a picture of Latoya with a pregnant belly – something that appears a bit confusing for her followers. However, she does reveal in one of the photos that it is from a role she played in a short film

It will be exciting to see how she does on The Proposal tonight and keep the winning streak going!

Initial guesses as to who Latoya might be

The Proposal is back for another episode tonight on ABC and we did some digging to see if we could figure out who this week’s mystery woman is. The official ABC website didn’t give us a lot to work with, as they simply said that the mystery woman’s name is Latoya and she’s a practicing attorney. In fact, this is all we got:

“Ten eligible gentlemen selected by a blue-ribbon panel of matchmakers vie for the heart of Latoya, a mystery woman who is a practicing attorney, ready to find a man guilty of stealing her heart.”

So, we decided to see if we could find some women who are practicing attorneys in the United States who have the name Latoya. We found two women, who could be the mystery woman in question.
The first one is Latoya M. Roberson, who is an attorney and Notary Public based on her LinkedIn profile. She’s located in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Area. Could she be the one who will be exploring a group of suitors, eager to propose?

Or could it be Latoya Feliciano, who has a law office in Atlanta, Georgia? We managed to dig up a Facebook profile for this law office, but found little else.

If the mystery woman isn’t one of these two ladies, it must be someone who isn’t in the public eye or someone who really doesn’t like to post on social media – personally or professionally.

What do you think about these picks for this week’s mystery lady? Do you think one of these two ladies are the mysterious Latoya or do you have a better guess at who she is?

The Proposal airs on Mondays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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