The Proposal Season 2 canceled? The show isn’t on ABC’s summer schedule

The Proposal took the reality television world by storm, as contestants got engaged after knowing each other for about an hour. While some fans of The Bachelor franchise thought it was a trainwreck, others couldn’t turn away, wanting to know if the couples could really find true love in such a short time. ABC has said

The Proposal Season 2: Will ABC hit show return?

The Proposal was a mind-blowing show that captured our attention last summer. Airing from mid-June until late August, fans of The Bachelor nation were surprised to see that people were getting engaged after a single hour of knowing one another. And yet, viewers wanted more. Now, we are left wondering if a second season will

Are Amber and Johnny from The Proposal still together?

The Proposal aired its final episode last night with Amber Green as the mystery woman in the pod. The blonde single mom from Austin, Texas wanted to find a man who could be polite and classy in the streets, but be Mr. Christian Grey in the bedroom. When the topic of sex came on the table,

The Proposal Season 2: Will dating show be coming back to ABC?

The Proposal airs its final episode of the first season tonight on ABC – but will the controversial dating show return for Season 2? When producers first introduced the concept to viewers, the reception was mixed. The concept is that one person has to choose a suitor, who will then propose. But while the suitors

Who is the former contestant – the mystery man – on The Proposal? [Updated]

The Proposal is back for another episode tonight on ABC and the official Twitter account for the show has hinted that tonight’s mystery man is someone who has been on the show before. This former contestant is someone who didn’t find love on the show but made an impression on viewers. Since there’s been a few

The Proposal’s Dr. Celine and Tommy: Are they still together? [UPDATED]

Dr. Celine Thum was the mystery woman on tonight’s episode of The Proposal and this doctor wanted to find a man for herself. The emergency physician wanted to find someone who was her rock when she came home at night. The guys on the show kept pointing to this, revealing that they would be more

Who is Dr. Celine the mystery woman on The Proposal? [Updated]

The Proposal is back for another episode tonight, after a two-week hiatus to make room for The Bachelorette finale. ABC has teased that tonight’s mystery woman is a doctor named Dr. Celine. That would be quite the catch for the men, who will be hoping to get her attention — and potentially a proposal of