The Proposal’s Dr. Celine and Tommy: Are they still together? [UPDATED]

The Proposal TV show
The Proposal is back with another episode tonight and Dr. Celine is trying to mend her broken heart — Pic credit: ABC

Dr. Celine Thum was the mystery woman on tonight’s episode of The Proposal and this doctor wanted to find a man for herself. The emergency physician wanted to find someone who was her rock when she came home at night.

The guys on the show kept pointing to this, revealing that they would be more than happy to be there for her and help her relax after a stressful day at work. When she was down to two guys, she chose the man who was a self-proclaimed virgin.

Tommy, who revealed that he was saving himself for marriage, caught her attention and with her father’s advice, she decided to accept a proposal from him.

When Celine Thum accepted his proposal, she appeared to be excited about her choice. They really appeared to have a connection.

Right now, ABC hasn’t revealed whether they are still together, as they want to wait until the west coast gets a chance to see the show. However, given their chemistry during the episode, we are going to guess that they are still together.

During tonight’s episode of The Proposal, Celine revealed that she had previously been hurt and she was looking for someone to help heal her.

She didn’t go into detail, so it’s uncertain whether she’s been married before or if she was dumped by a long-term partner. Maybe she had hoped for a proposal from him.

Perhaps, her romance with Tommy will work out since he knows she’s been through a lot.

Update: As we guessed, Dr. Celine and Tommy are still together! They just have such great chemistry and we could see that they were digging one another.

It may also help that Tommy Taylor Jr. is saving himself for marriage, so the pressure of intimacy and sex is off the table. Despite being engaged, they are not in a rush to walk down the aisle. They are just getting to know each other, but it looks as if love is in the air.

The Proposal airs on Mondays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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