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Are Michael and Ashley from The Proposal still together? Audience wanted him to choose other woman [Updated]

Michael and Ashley from The Proposal
Michael and Ashley from The Proposal — but are they still together?

The Proposal was back with another episode last night and it was Michael, the second runner-up from Latoya’s episode, who got a second chance at love.

Throughout the episode, Michael knew how stressed out and nervous the girls were because he had been there.

When the final two, Jasmine and Ashley, were asked to propose something to Michael, Ashley talked about how she knew there was someone out there who would love her.

Jasmine decided to take a different route, discussing the power of love and how she believed she was there for the right reason.

Despite the audience screaming for Michael to pick Jasmine, he chose Ashley. Even Jasmine made an odd face, as she seemed surprised that he would pick Ashley.

But Michael believed that Ashley was the one for him. So, are they still together?

Perhaps unsurprisingly for fans who watched the show, Michael and Ashley are NOT still together and have gone their separate ways.

The show revealed that the pair had enjoyed spending time with each other, but in the end decided to just stay friends.

The Proposal shared photos on their official Twitter feed of the pair looking close, but said: “Michael and Ashley have loved getting to know each other, but have ultimately decided they are better off as friends. We wish them all the best!”

The audience thought Michael made the wrong decision when he picked Ashley, and it looks like he may indeed have picked the wrong woman!

Previous contestants who have gone against the audience have often ended up splitting up with their choices just a few weeks later.

Would he have still been engaged if he had chosen Jasmine? They certainly had a lot in common and she made him laugh. Ashley, on the other hand, seemed only to focus on what she wanted from a man, not what they could have together.

Are you surprised that Michael chose Ashley on The Proposal?

The Proposal airs on Mondays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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