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Are Amber and Johnny from The Proposal still together?

Amber and Johnny from The Proposal
Amber and Johnny after their stint on The Proposal, but are they still together today? Pic credit: ABC

The Proposal aired its final episode last night with Amber Green as the mystery woman in the pod.

The blonde single mom from Austin, Texas wanted to find a man who could be polite and classy in the streets, but be Mr. Christian Grey in the bedroom.

When the topic of sex came on the table, the guys vying for her heart couldn’t help but smirk. Amber, who has two children and a cordial relationship with her ex-husband, wanted to find a new man to keep her on her toes.

Before the show really got started, Amber revealed that she had left her husband of seven years because she was bored with him, and he had stopped really offering her anything exciting.

This put some pressure on the guys, as they had to come up with answers to blow her away. Just saying that they wanted to give her everything she wanted wasn’t going to be enough.

In the end, Amber chose two very different guys — Johnny and Shad — to propose to her, and she eventually went with Johnny, an emotional and sensitive guy with an interesting story to tell.

He had lost the love of his life because of a drunk driver and he was in awe of Amber being a single mother to two children.

Long-haired Shad, on the other hand, seemed ready to party and had talked about role-playing in the bedroom.

Based on their chemistry on The Proposal, it seemed like she made the right choice. She chose Johnny to propose second, and when he did she said yes without even considering it.

However, sadly the story didn’t end with a fairytale ending — as despite going on several dates together, the pair are no longer engaged but are now just friends.

The Proposal revealed the news on their official Twitter page, saying: “Amber and Johnny dated for a while after #TheProposal, with Johnny even flying out to her hometown. However, they are no longer engaged and have decided to stay friends.”

Last night’s episode was a controversial one, after originally being pulled by ABC when one of the contestants was accused of facilitating a sexual assault.

However, they decided to air it as the season finale after totally editing the man in question, Michael Friday, out.

Did you enjoy The Proposal? Here’s the latest on whether the show is likely to return for Season 2.

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