Mystery woman Amber on The Proposal wants man who’s mix between Mr. Rogers and Christian Grey

The Proposal
An official image for tonight’s episode of The Proposal, which has the controversial contestant Michael Friday cropped out. Pic credit: ABC

The Proposal is back with the finale of season one tonight on ABC. This week, it’s mystery woman Amber who will be picking her final two guys to propose to her.

From the promotional material, all we know about Amber is she is a blonde single mom from Texas, and that she wants a man who knows how to behave in the streets while knowing how to be experimental in the bedroom.

ABC has remained tight-lipped about Amber’s identity, but the episode description reveals that she wants a man who is the perfect mix between “Mr. Rogers and Christian Grey”.

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“Nine eligible gentlemen vie for the heart of a mystery woman looking for a man that is the perfect mix of Mr. Rogers and Christian Grey. Over the course of the evening, only two lucky gentlemen will have the opportunity to make a proposal of a lifetime.”

She has nine suitors to choose from, although she actually had ten during filming before one was completely edited out after being accused of facilitating a sexual assault.

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So who is mystery woman Amber on this week’s episode of The Proposal? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

The Proposal airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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