The Proposal Season 2: Will ABC hit show return?

Jesse Palmer
Jesse Palmer may return as the host of The Proposal. Pic credit: ABC

The Proposal was a mind-blowing show that captured our attention last summer. Airing from mid-June until late August, fans of The Bachelor nation were surprised to see that people were getting engaged after a single hour of knowing one another. And yet, viewers wanted more.

Now, we are left wondering if a second season will happen. Producer Mike Fleiss, who works on both The Bachelor and The Proposal, has said nothing about the possibility of a Season 2 of The Proposal and there are reasons why we don’t know anything just yet.

One reason is that they could have everyone they need for the second season, as they only need about 10 main contestants for 10 episodes, and then a handful of bachelors and bachelorettes per episode.

Given the success of the first season, people may have reached out to ABC to get on the second season already.

The second reason why we may not have heard anything just yet is that the show could still be on hiatus. It wasn’t until April 24, 2018, that Jesse Palmer confirmed that he was the host of the show.

Plus, the show filmed in the spring and early summer, which means the producers may not have started filming the second season just yet.

So, is this show coming back? If the show doesn’t return to the show, it isn’t because of low ratings.

In fact, The Proposal pulled in over 3 million viewers who turned in every week. Even though we couldn’t understand how people could get engaged after knowing one another for an hour, we couldn’t stop watching.

One of the reasons why producers may not pursue the show is due to the scandal that rocked the first season.

A contestant named Michael J. Friday was publicly accused of sexually assaulting a woman after his supposed victim saw him in a preview for an episode. The episode was pulled and then aired after producers edited him out.

At present time, we just have to wait and see whether ABC will surprise us in the spring with a renewal announcement.

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