Who is Dr. Charles’ ex-wife on Chicago Med cast?

Actress Paula Newsome has joined the Chicago Med cast
Actress Paula Newsome has joined the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: HBO

Dr. Charles’ ex-wife has had a big impact on the last two episodes of Chicago Med. In the latest episode, called “Old Flames, New Sparks,” she went through a cancer-related surgery that might prolong her life.

Caroline Charles first appeared in the episode titled, “We Hold These Truths,” bringing her daughter back with her. Her daughter, Robin Charles, is played by actress Mekia Cox.

Robin had a relationship with Dr. Rhodes (played by Colin Donnell), and it is clear that some sparks still exist between the pair.

Dr. Rhodes ended up saving Caroline’s life during the latest episode and this led to a lot of hugs from Robin and accolades from Daniel.

Who plays Dr. Charles’ ex-wife on Chicago Med cast?

Actress Paula Newsome has been acting for a while and she was a good choice to bring on as Caroline Charles for the Chicago Med cast. TV credits for Newsome include stints on NYPD Blue, City of Angels, The Lyon’s Den, and Women’s Murder Club. Recently, she played Detective Janice Moss on the HBO show, Barry.

At the end of this new episode, it appeared that Caroline Charles was going to pull through her surgery, but it doesn’t guarantee that she will survive her cancer. There could still be a lot of grief in store for Dr. Charles and Robin later in the season.

It was a pretty dramatic episode for the Chicago Med characters, but it is always interesting when the writers explore more of Dr. Charles’ backstory. The last episode even included a visit to his estranged mother.

Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) is great on the show and it’s good that his family life is being fleshed out a bit further. The scenes where it appeared that he was almost ready to tell his ex-wife how much he still loves her were especially powerful.

Chicago Med airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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