Who is Danielle McNeil on Unanchored cast? Barrett Young’s girlfriend is a podiatrist with a Type A personality

Danielle McNeil
Danielle McNeil is on Bravo’s new show, Unanchored. Pic credit: Bravo

Danielle McNeil is one of Bravo’s newest cast members on Unanchored, which premieres tonight on Bravo. She is dating Barrett, who also makes his reality TV debut on this new series. Viewers can follow along as Danielle and Barrett get to know each other better while partying aboard a yacht.

McNeil works as a podiatrist, which is a doctor that focuses on the foot, ankle and lower extremities of the body. This kind of work requires dedication, passion and years of schooling, but when Danielle McNeil joins her friends on the yacht for the summer, she lets out her wild streak.

Danielle also has a sense of adventure, something that she shares with her boyfriend Barrett Young, who is also on Unanchored with her. Danielle has dated Barrett in a long distance relationship and while they have only seen each other a few days during their relationship, she’s very protective of both him and her friends.

As her Bravo bio reveals, Danielle is very hard on outsiders and she doesn’t want to let people in. By all accounts, it seems that she just wants to hang with people who are successful, independent, and those who have no interest in Barrett.

Given her career choice, she’s both emotionally and financially independent. She’s made the choice to move to San Francisco to be with Barrett, something that will play out on the show.


By all accounts, it seems that she has made the move to California. The show wrapped filming a few months ago, as it was filmed over the summer. In the months since, Barrett has shared photos of them together in California.


Danielle McNeil’s Instagram is private, so fans can’t see anything from her personal life. However, her boyfriend is more than willing to share photos from their lives together.

Unanchored airs on Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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