Bucketlust on Unanchored: What it is and how does it work?

On last night’s premiere episode of Unanchored, viewers learned about The Bucketlust vacation concept. The show is about a group of friends from across the United States that get together, rent a yacht in a marina in an exotic area, and go have a blast with many others. The Bucketlust website explains that the vacations


Unanchored cast: Who’s who on new Bravo show?

Bravo’s new show, Unanchored, airs tonight and it’s a show that Vanderpump Rules fans may fall in love with. Created by the producers behind Vanderpump Rules, this show follows a group of friends as they spent three weeks in the Bahamas on a 56-foot catamaran. It’s a mix between Vanderpump Rules and Below Deck –

Who is Rachel McGowan on Unanchored cast? Old flame chases her to the Bahamas

There are plenty of successful women on Bravo’s new reality show, Unanchored. Rachel McGowan is one of them, working as a kindergarten teacher when she’s not vacationing with her friends in the Bahamas over the summer. Perhaps it’s her teaching background or her nurturing ways, but McGowan sees herself as the mother of the group. Maybe