Who is Max Craddock on Unanchored cast? Law school grad to be outshined by brother?

Max Craddock
Max Craddock is a recent law school grad. Pic credit: Bravo

Max Craddock is one of five men to join the cast of Bravo’s new series Unanchored. Max just graduated from law school and now, he’ll set off on an adventure with eight other cast members as they party on the high seas.

Craddock appears to be the definition of adventure, traveling, and having a great time with friends. While he’s not super active on social media, it sounds like you can find him hanging out with his friends in various luxurious locations around the world.

In addition to his travels, Max Craddock still found time to graduate from law school. His Bravo bio reveals that he’s a recent graduate of USC law school but that doesn’t mean you’ll find him in a law office anytime soon. After failing the bar exam, he seems to be more keen on surfing and hanging out with friends than studying more.

In case you are wondering how he’s able to attend law school and have such an easy-going attitude, it’s because he’s from a wealthy family with a trust fund.

His travels have also been made possible because he hasn’t committed to a single job for an extended period of time or a girlfriend for that matter.

Even though he hasn’t settled down, he does have some romantic feelings for Vanessa, as they have been dating on-and-off. This season, he needs to figure out whether she’s the one for him or if they will just be the friends that keep hooking up.

Vanessa won’t be getting all of his attention this year. Max will be filming Unanchored with his older brother, Quenton, as he wants them to grow closer. However, the competitive edge between these brothers may be enough to ruin the three weeks on the yacht – and any chance of reconciliation with Vanessa.

Unanchored airs on Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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