Who is Barrett Young on Unanchored cast? Adventurous director of marketing wants girlfriend to move for him

Barrett Young
Barrett Young is a director of marketing. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo’s new show, Unanchored, premieres tonight and the network is introducing a brand new group of reality stars. One of them is Barrett Young, a young man who works as a director of marketing when he’s not on the water.

Originally from Indiana, Barrett decided to leave the Midwest behind as soon as he could, choosing to leave in favor of the West Coast after he finished college. As he explains in his Bravo bio, he chose the West Coast in hopes of finding new adventures, possibly both with love and his career.

Speaking of relationships, Barrett is dating one of his co-stars, Danielle McNeil. She’s a doctor and it seems that these two have the same passion and drive in their careers.

While he lives in San Francisco, she works as a podiatrist in New York, meaning the two are in a long-distance relationship. What’s interesting is that they have never spent more than 12 days together.

Bravo hints that this season of Unanchored will prove to be a test for these two, as they have to live together for three weeks during filming. And that’s when they will learn whether this relationship can really handle anything more than long distance.

It seems that Barrett really likes the West Coast, as he’s often posting photos from California on his Instagram profile.


Plus, it seems that he has found some great friends in California, friends who are there for him when he needs it. He recently went away to Lake Tahoe with some friends and it’s clear that he enjoys their company.


To see more of Barrett Young and his relationship with Danielle, tune in to Unanchored, which premieres on December 3 on Bravo.

Unanchored airs on Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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