Who is Rachel McGowan on Unanchored cast? Old flame chases her to the Bahamas

Rachel McGowan
Rachel McGowan works as a kindergarten teacher. Pic credit: Bravo

There are plenty of successful women on Bravo’s new reality show, Unanchored. Rachel McGowan is one of them, working as a kindergarten teacher when she’s not vacationing with her friends in the Bahamas over the summer.

Perhaps it’s her teaching background or her nurturing ways, but McGowan sees herself as the mother of the group. Maybe she’s the one who is responsible, who fixes the wrongs, and who gives valuable advice to the group when something bad happens.

However, at the same time, Rachel McGowan has no problem fighting back if you get her angry – and that could include a cold ice bucket on the head in the middle of the night according to her Bravo bio.

Unlike her co-stars, Rachel isn’t linked to any of her cast members in a romantic way. However, she did meet Albie, who is a successful business owner while in Belize.

She packed up and moved to Boston to be with him. But the romance fizzled fast as her friends had warned her, sharing that she shouldn’t move so fast with guys who she meets on a yacht.


While Rachel’s friends may be questioning the relationship, it seems that Albie really wants to be with her. He’s fighting for her and with her being gone for three weeks, he travels to the Bahamas to find her and share his feelings.

Maybe he realizes that her being on a yacht for three weeks with hot guys could result in a fling that could lead to more, as this is how they met.


But the big question remains – will she find love or will Albie break her heart? Only Rachel McGowan knows the answer to that question.

Unanchored airs on Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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