Who is Korey Warzala on Unanchored cast? Silicon Valley pro lives bachelor lifestyle

Korey Warzala
Korey Warzala works in business development. Pic credit: Bravo

Korey Warzala is one of the cast members of Unanchored, Bravo’s brand new television series, which begins tonight. When he isn’t on having a great time on the yacht, he works in business development. Like many of his co-stars, Korey calls California his home.

In fact, it appears that Korey works in Silicon Valley. He calls himself driven, intense, opinionated and motivated with a dash of vain. But that’s what you need to succeed in the highly competitive San Francisco technology realm.

You won’t always find Korey behind a computer screen or shaking hands at networking events. He’s also super athletic and active when he’s not working. You can find him on the water surfing, skiing, and he has even competed in triathlons.

Oddly enough, you can also find his name as a contestant for San Francisco-Bro, which is a male beauty pageant. No word on how he placed, but it seems like a proud achievement.

In his Bravo bio, Korey does reveal one odd fact about himself – he’s a clean freak. And that’s not an understatement. He reveals that he must shower three times a day when he’s on trips and he has a massive toiletry kit that is packed with beauty supplies.

With that said, it seems that he thrives in and around the water, making him the perfect addition to the new show.

Whenever his work isn’t calling his name, Korey Warzala loves to check out new adventures, which is possible given his bachelor lifestyle.

Unanchored airs on Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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