Who is Captain Jack Royds on Unanchored cast? His strong personality could anger the guests

Jack Royds
Captain Jack Royds is a skipper when he’s not filming Unanchored. Pic credit: Bravo

Every yacht needs a loyal and dedicated skipper and there’s none better than Jack Royds. He’s the one who keeps the guests happy and he is best known as simply Captain Jack to the rest of the Unanchored cast.

His love of the Bahamas doesn’t come from him being born there. In fact, he’s from a prestigious British family, but he learned early on that the life of money, titles and prestige was not his cup of tea. He also realized that no matter the money, nothing would make him happier than a life at sea. So that’s exactly what he decided to pursue.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that he enlisted to become a skipper and that’s where he met his Unanchored co-star, Max Craddock. While Max pursued a career in law, Jack decided to pursue a full-time job as a captain.

His Instagram profile shows plenty of adventures and people, including visits to the Hamptons outside of New York and his beloved blue seas of the Bahamas.

In terms of age, Jack is the youngest of the group, but he is the only one working on Unanchored. He’s also responsible for the ship, for the cast members, and to make sure people stay safe during the many parties that are had on his boat.

However, because people are partying on his boat, he does tend to have a domineering personality. Perhaps he feels that people are disrespecting his boat, and some of his guests aren’t thrilled with his strong personality.

That surely won’t go over well with this group of people, who he will be skippering for during the first season of Unanchored.

Bravo teases that the season could be influenced by some drama between Jack and the guests, simply because of his personality. It will be interesting to see what causes a possible rift between them all.

Unanchored airs on Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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