Who is Cassidy on Rust Valley Restorers?

Cassidy Mceown from Netflix's Rust Valley Restorers
Who is Cassidy on Rust Valley Restorers? Pic credit: @geniemceown/Instagram

The vintage car restoration show Rust Valley Restorers hit Netflix over the weekend, dazzling viewers who love watching classic cars brought back to their mint condition. The show, which is filmed in Tappen B.C., Canada, has Mike Hall and his crew take rusted vintage cars and use an agreed budget to bring them back from the dead.

One of these crew members is a talented young automotive expert named Cassidy Mceown, who gets hired around the start of the season to help with the growing workload.

Netflix viewers might be curious about who she is and why Mike Hall saw so much potential in this apprentice. Well, here is what is known about Cassidy Mceown from Rust Valley Restorers.

Who is Cassidy Mceown from Netflix’s Rust Valley Restorers?

As many viewers are aware, the 17-year-old grease monkey was hired on episode 2 of the first season as an Automotive Apprentice to meet the overwhelming workload. In the show, she says that she comes from a family of automotive workers explaining:

I come from a family of gearheads. I’ve been working on cars since I was just a little girl, so this was a great job to get. It’s amazing that I even got this job. Classic cars are so different, you see them driving down the street and you’re in awe, right? And that’s why I love them.

And one of the funnier aspects of the episode involved Avery and Mike attempting to help Cassidy obtain a driver’s license, which according to the episode was her third try in passing the test.

Beyond the show, there’s not much information outside of social media. But according to her Facebook, the young mechanic is not originally from Canada. In fact, she is listed as being from Cherryville, North Carolina. But no details are known publicly on when she began the big move to Canada.

Even though she grew up around a family of automotive experts, she did attend school to further her skills in her field of expertise. Her accolades include studying Auto Collision Repair at Okanagan College as well as having an apprenticeship at Prestige Collision -Vernon. Being on a hit reality series with the Rust Brothers is just icing on the cake for this talented reality star.

As seen in the Instagram post above, she also seems to be a proud tomboy with statuses like, “Mama tried to raise a lady but daddy won” and “Am I a tomboy? If that means did my dad teach me how to throw a ball, change the oil, shoot a gun and bait a hook then yes I am a tomboy.”

Based on her interactions with Mike and the Rust Valley crew and her clear interest in cars from social media, it’s not a mystery why Mike chose to hire Cassidy. She seems to have a passion for what she does and it shines through on television and in real life. Hopefully, Netflix viewers will see more of Cassidy in future seasons.

Rust Valley Restorers is now streaming on Netflix.

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2 years ago

She’s what I love seeing, youth that aren’t afraid of hard work! Great job Cassidy!