Who is Amber Rose Revah, actress who plays Dinah Madani on The Punisher?

Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani in The Punisher

Homeland Security officer Dinah Madani on The Punisher is played by Amber Rose Revah — but where have you seen her before?

The British actor has been working very hard of late, racking up the roles in a great many British and US-based television shows.

She first got recognized for her role in the LBGT cult film I Can’t Think Straight and impressed so much that the film’s director Shamim Sarif used her again in The World Unseen, which was shot in Cape Town.

After this, she scored a role alongside Rachel Weisz in the independent film Agora. On television, Revah has also been going from strength to strength. UK viewers may recognize her for her role of Leah Fisher in the ‘Trespass’ episode of Foyles War. She also played the role of Mary Magdalene in the film Son of God.

Another role UK fans will recognize her for is Leena Prasad in the miniseries Indian Summers, in which she acted alongside Julie Walters. Aside from that she also appeared in an episode of the long-running detective drama Midsomer Murders in which she played Jessica Myerscough.

US viewers may recognize her more for her role in the short-lived Emerald City, in which she played Miranda.

In The Punisher her character Dinah Madani is on the hunt for Frank Castle because she holds him responsible for the murder of one of her contacts, who was valuable of source of information. In the show, the story runs parallel with Frank Castle as she finds herself working within a system that is riddled with corruption.

The character of Madani is very much the outsider within Homeland Security with her parentage being of Middle Eastern origin, a factor which was no doubt a great asset when she was stationed in Iraq.

In the series Madani has been transferred back to the United States by higher-ups to prevent her from committing career suicide due to her dogged determination to hunt down the US soldiers that murdered her source.

The Punisher Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.

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