Marvel Studios regains rights to Jessica Jones and Punisher

Exactly two years after their respective Netflix shows were canceled, Jessica Jones and the Punisher can now return to television. Due to the rights issues with Netflix, the chances of the characters popping up in Marvel Studios projects was previously impossible. But now, the window has closed and so a return for each character in

Why is The Punisher being cancelled on Netflix?

The cancellation of The Punisher may have come as a shock for many viewers, but the news of Marvel shows being removed from the streaming giant was actually revealed back in mid-2017. The reason why Netflix will no longer be showing The Punisher, and other Marvel shows, has to do with the Marvel purge that

The Punisher: Jon Bernthal and other members of the cast take fans behind the scenes

Jon Bernthal and several other members of the cast and crew of Marvel’s The Punisher take fans behind the scenes in new featurette. The clip shows the cast talking about the motivations behind each of the main characters on the Netflix series. Bernthal talks through Frank Castle’s development, saying: “The way Frank Castle was introduced

Who is Amber Rose Revah, actress who plays Dinah Madani on The Punisher?

Homeland Security officer Dinah Madani on The Punisher is played by Amber Rose Revah — but where have you seen her before? The British actor has been working very hard of late, racking up the roles in a great many British and US-based television shows. She first got recognized for her role in the LBGT cult

Who is The Punisher and what are his origins?

Today marks the premiere of The Punisher on Netflix, but who is the character and how far back can his history be traced in the comic books? Audiences got their first look at Frank Castle aka The Punisher in the second season of Daredevil. In that series, they touched on the character’s origin story, which