The Punisher: Jon Bernthal and other members of the cast take fans behind the scenes

John Bernthal talks about his character in The Punisher
Jon Bernthal talks about his character in The Punisher in the new featurette

Jon Bernthal and several other members of the cast and crew of Marvel’s The Punisher take fans behind the scenes in new featurette.

The clip shows the cast talking about the motivations behind each of the main characters on the Netflix series.

Bernthal talks through Frank Castle’s development, saying: “The way Frank Castle was introduced in the Daredevil story…he was very much reeling from personal trauma. And I’m enormously grateful that I have given the opportunity to go further into that story.”

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Showrunner and executive producer Steve Lightfoot adds: “My version of The Punisher is outside The Defenders timeline, so I think it’s unique in that it’s very much its own story.”

As fans know, The Punisher sees Castle taking revenge for those responsible for the death of his wife and kids, but he soon finds out there is a lot more to what happened than he first thought.

Speaking about the character’s development, Lightfoot says: “The journey we take him on, we reveal that there was a whole another level to the conspiracy.”

The featurette also features Ebon Moss-Bachrach talking about his character David Lieberman/Micro, Amber Rose Revah talking about her character Dinah Madani, and Ben Barnes talking about his character Billy Russo.

Marvel's The Punisher | Featurette: Inside [HD] | Netflix

The Punisher is streaming now on Netflix.

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