Who gets evicted on Big Brother tonight? Will Nick or Christie head to BB21 jury?

Michie BB21 Veto Competition
Jackson Michie is pulling the strings in the Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: CBS

Nick Maccarone or Christie Murphy gets evicted on Big Brother tonight. At least that’s the plan that appears to be in motion; unless production decides to throw in a possible reset twist.

Zingbot showed up in the latest episode, where Jackson Michie won the Power of Veto. He kept the nominees the same, setting up the eviction vote scheduled to take place on Thursday night.

Holly Allen was the one who nominated Nick this week. As the Big Brother Prankster, Nick put Christie on the block, presumably because he felt that was someone he could beat in a vote.

Maybe Nick felt that he had a good chance to win the Power of Veto and that then it would be easier to get Christie out of the house this week. Instead, it’s starting to look like the Taco Tuesday fight was a huge win for Christie.

Who gets evicted on Big Brother tonight?

There are five houseguests who get to make a vote in the August 29 Eviction Ceremony. They are Jackson Michie, Tommy Bracco, Nicole Franzel, Cliff Hogg, and Jessica Milagros. Holly Allen won’t impact the vote, as there is no chance at a tie this time.

Outside of the Veto Competition and a few chats, there hasn’t been as much campaigning done as in past weeks. There won’t be a lot of footage for producers to use to recap it.

They will surely share Nick trying to make Tommy feel guilty for supporting Christine, Nicole being shocked that Holly wants Christine saved, and Nick getting frustrated about Jackson winning the POV.

The expectation is that Nick Maccarone is about to be evicted and sent to join Jack Matthews, Kathryn Dunn, and Analyse Talavera in the BB21 jury house.

There would need to be a shocking shift in the house or a twist (like a reset) to keep Nick from heading out the front door next.

Big Brother airs each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night on CBS.

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