Who cleans up the mess in the Big Brother house after Veto?

Holly Allen In Hide And Go Veto
Holly Allen hosting Hide and Go Veto Competition for Big Brother 21. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The Hide and Go Veto Competition destroyed the Big Brother house this past weekend. When the results of the challenge were shown on Wednesday night, it revealed just how much the houseguests had torn up the house.

Almost every season of the show, the houseguests take part in the Hide and Go Veto. It involves each of the participants receiving a Veto card that they can hide anywhere in the house.

Once the cards have been hidden, the houseguests take turns going through the house to find them. Due to the limited time they receive, it often leads to the house getting torn up a bit.

During Episode 31 of the summer 2019 season, Jackson Michie, Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, Nicole Anthony, Jessica Milagros, and Cliff Hogg destroyed the house. It led to an inevitable question from many CBS viewers.

Who cleans up the mess in the Big Brother house after Veto?

The answer to the question of who cleans up the mess is pretty clear. It’s the members of the BB21 cast who were forced to clean up their mess.

They have to deal with the overturned beds, the messed up kitchen, and the clothes strewn everywhere. At least nobody poured a gallon of milk on the floor as Scottie Salton did as part of the Big Brother 20 cast.

Many of the current and past houseguests found enjoyment in tearing up the house like this, as it allows them to let off some steam. It also tends to lead to an exciting competition and footage for the viewers at home.

Now that the Hide and Go Veto Competition has aired for the fans, it’s time to get to the Double Eviction event for the Big Brother 21 season. By the end of that episode, two people will have left for the BB21 jury house.

Big Brother airs new episodes of the show each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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