Who are Glorietta and Alex from Love After Lockup?

Glorietta on Love After Lockup.
Glorietta wants to marry Alex. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup is back with a brand new season. This time around there will be seven couples featured. Six of them will be new to viewers and one of them is a familiar face from Season 1 of the WEtv show.

Glorietta and Alex will be one of the seven couples featured this time around. Love After Lockup features couples who formed a relationship with someone incarcerated and will be working on their relationship as the prisoner is released.

For this new couple, their meeting was by chance. Glorietta met Alex through her cousin, who was in prison with him. She is dubbed a hopeless romantic and can’t wait to begin her life outside of the prison walls with her love.

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They have been together for eight months. Throughout their time together, they have never been able to touch each other or have a physical relationship. Glorietta has visited Alex, but each time she goes to see him, there is glass that separates them. It isn’t very romantic, and they are ready to get on with their lives.

Alex is a ladies man. He has an ex that he was connected to before, and this could cause a problem moving forward. Glorietta is ready to get married and settle down, but he could have other things in mind.

Will getting Alex to settle down with her be more of a project than Glorietta hoped, or will he be ready to get married the moment he is released?

With outside influences, including Glorietta’s family, getting in the way, will they be able to make things work? There is a lot at stake here and it seems that she may be more invested than he is at this point.

Will Glorietta and Alex survive the transition from a relationship inside to life on the outside? Be sure to tune in and find out!

Love After Lockup returns Friday, August 16 at 9/8c on WEtv.

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