Who are Andrea and Lamondre from Love After Lockup?

Andrea in the Love After Lockup confessional.
Andrea will have to tell her family about Lamondre. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup is back with a brand new season. Six of the seven couples are new, which means new storylines to invest in. With the premise of the show centered around taking their relationship from the inside of prison to the outside, there is always plenty of drama along the way.

Andrea and Lamondre are one of the couples featured on the new season of Love After Lockup. They both are from Daytona Beach but only knew of one another. Their paths never crossed to allow an actual meeting, but they heard about each other through their circle of friends.

Lamondre wrote Andrea a letter from behind bars and the rest is history. Their relationship went from friends writing letters to an engagement while he was still incarcerated.

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While this may seem like a made-for-television love story, there were some obstacles for the couple along the way.

Apparently, Lamondre is well-known in town. Even Andrea’s family knows who he is and it doesn’t sound like they’ll be thrilled about her relationship with him.

Andrea has six sisters and they aren’t exactly soft-spoken. Since her family knows about who he is, she has only confided in one of her siblings regarding the relationship with Lamondre.


What will Andrea’s family say when she reveals her relationship with Lamondre and their plans to get married? This might be one obstacle the couple will have to combat with everything they have if they want to make sure they have a future together.

There is some concern that following his release that Lamondre may fall back into his old habits. Will his love for Andrea keep him on the straight and narrow, or will he end up living the life that got him into trouble to begin with?

Tune in to find out if Andrea and Lamondre’s relationship will survive life on the outside.

Love After Lockup returns Friday, August 16 at 9/8c on WEtv.

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