Whiskey Cavalier: What is the filming location?

Whiskey Cavalier
Whiskey Cavalier is about FBI agents undercover. Pic credit: ABC/Larry D. Horricks

Whiskey Cavalier aired its second episode last night on ABC and people are asking where the show was filmed. The locations are gorgeous and based on just a few episodes, it seems that the cast has been all over the world.

It’s true that the filming locations aren’t set in New York, Chicago, and Seattle. In fact, most of the show was filmed in Prague, Paris, London, and throughout Europe.

Some of the scenes were also filmed in Los Angeles.

On Scott Foley’s Instagram, the main character of Will Chase, whose cover name is Whiskey Cavalier, has been open and honest about his work overseas. In fact, back in August, he revealed that the whole family had relocated to Prague so he could work on Whiskey Cavalier after wrapping up his work on Scandal.

The pilot episode was shot in late March 2018 primarily around the Můstek metro station in the middle of the city. Prague also acts as other European locations, including Moscow.

Last May, Foley opened up about his decision to relocate the entire family to Prague while visiting Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on Live! with Kelly and Ryan, according to People.

“The show got picked up, so I’m moving my whole family to Prague. I’m excited. I’m excited for the adventure. There’s something great about picking up and trying something new, at least for a year or two.”

He moved there with his wife, Marika Domińczyk, and their three children, Malina, Keller, and Konrad. Marika is known for several roles, including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Heist, and her role as Dr. Eliza Minnick on Grey’s Anatomy.

If you’ve been following Scott Foley on Instagram, you’ve seen plenty of behind-the-scenes photos, including the filming throughout Prague — both outside hotels and historic locations.

Foley also shared a video from one set with the caption “locations overload.”

Variety reported that the fun and different filming locations around Prague is one of the reasons why Whiskey Cavalier stands out from the many other dramas currently on television.

The team also headed to London for filming, something that Foley also documented on his Instagram.

He even shared a photo of his co-star, Lauren Cohan, filming on a studio set. He didn’t add a location to the post, but part of the show is filmed in Los Angeles.

Whiskey Cavalier airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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