Whiskey Cavalier: What is the filming location?

Whiskey Cavalier aired its second episode last night on ABC and people are asking where the show was filmed. The locations are gorgeous and based on just a few episodes, it seems that the cast has been all over the world. It’s true that the filming locations aren’t set in New York, Chicago, and Seattle.

Vir Das on Whiskey Cavalier: Actor and comedian has a Netflix special

Vir Das, who plays Jai Datta on Whiskey Cavalier, may be somewhat new to American primetime television, but he’s far from new in the entertainment industry. Not only does his resume span back years, but the actor and comedian also has a new Netflix special called Losing It. It sees him talk about the world’s problems


Whiskey Cavalier cast: Who plays who on the new ABC show?

Whiskey Cavalier is a brand new show on ABC that premiered last week. The show follows the life of FBI agent Will Chase, whose codename in the FBI is Whiskey Cavalier. After breaking up with his partner and struggling with his feelings, he’s assigned to work with a CIA operative called Frankie Trowbridge. Her codename