Where is Bobby Dassey now? Making A Murderer 2 update following the shocking revelations

Bobby Dassey now 2018
Kathleen Zellner adds Bobby Dassey on the Denny suspect list. Pic Credit: Netflix

Bobby Dassey does not make an appearance in Making a Murderer 2. However, a police interview of Dassey and his testimony, which helped convict his uncle, aired on the series. The revelations about his potential involvement in the murder left viewers wondering where Bobby Dassey is now. 

After Netflix’s Making a Murderer aired its first season, many fans wondered who could have murdered Teresa Halbach if it was not Steven Avery.

In Making a Murderer 2, Kathleen Zellner introduces new ‘Denny’ suspects and the revelations about Bobby Dassey are stunning.  

Steven Avery’s post-conviction attorney, Kathleen Zellner, filed a motion to the Wisconsin Circuit Court in Manitowoc County to submit previously withheld evidence to her client’s appeal. The evidence is a CD with data from the Dassey family computer which may establish a motive for Bobby Dassey to commit the murder. 

In Making a Murderer 2, Zellner claimed that the disturbing internet searches and pornographic images depicting women being tortured were accessed when Bobby Dassey was at home alone. Zellner recently suggested that Bobby may have been pressured into testifying after the prosecution revealed his internet history.

Where is Bobby Dassey in 2018? 

Bobby Dassey has not made any statements since Making a Murderer 2 has aired. However, Scott Tadych has released a statement on Facebook defending himself and his step-son while attacking Kathleen Zellner. 

Bobby Dassey’s name is among the extensive list of people who declined or failed to respond to an invitation to appear on the series.  

Did Bobby Dassey lie on the stand? 

In his testimony, Bobby claims that he witnessed Teresa Halbach arrive on the Avery property and saw her taking photographs. He added that he saw Hallback walk towards Steven Avery’s trailer but had not seen her leave the property.  

However, Zellner believes that he lied on the stand due to an affidavit from Bryan Dassey, who is Bobby and Brendan’s brother.

Bryan stated that Bobby told him Steven Avery couldn’t have killed Halbach because he saw her leave the property. However, Steven’s defense team did not call him to testify during the trial.

Bobby Dassey is seemingly keeping a low profile with no Instagram or Twitter account. His whereabouts is currently unknown to the public.

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