When will Manifest Season 3 be on Netflix?

Manifest Netflix
Josh Dallas returns as Ben Stone in Season 3 of Manifest. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

Manifest Season 3 finale aired on NBC earlier this month and is officially canceled following its cliffhanger episode.

However, due to the first two seasons’ popularity on Netflix, there was hope among its fanbase that the streaming giant will pick up the series for Season 4.

The first two seasons turned out to be a binge-worthy hit on Netflix despite its steady decline in viewership on TV following a strong debut on NBC.

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Since its addition to the streaming platform, the supernatural drama has spent at least ten days in Netflix’s top ten most popular list.

This popularity surge led many fans to hope Manifest gets rescued similarly to Lucifer after Fox canceled it after three seasons.

Unfortunately, Manifest fans will not get closure as Netflix decided not to continue the series for a fourth season. However, Netflix will likely bring Manifest Season 3 to its platform so that fans who choose to watch the series will get to finish it.

Here is everything we know about Manifest Season 3 Netflix release, why it was canceled, and other ways you can watch the third season online.

Netflix turns down Manifest Season 4

After lengthy discussions on the series future, Netflix decided not to pick up the fourth season of Manifest, and Warner Bros will no longer seek a new home for the series.

According to Deadline, the reasons for not seeking a new home for Manifest Season 4 include “digital rights and cast options that have expired.”

Josh Dallas, who plays Ben Stone on Manifest, confirmed the sad news to his fans on Twitter. “Well, my #manifesters, I’m sorry to say that it’s the end of the line for now. We are so proud to have brought you this story over three seasons. We so wished we could’ve finished the journey with you. But it wasn’t in the cards.”

The actor also gave a shout-out to the staff and crew on the series.

“Thanks to our incredible EP’s, producers, writers… directors, stunning cast, and the best damn crew in the business. Thanks to @warnerbrostv and @nbc for giving us a home. And lastly, thank you to the fans who embraced #manifest and these characters and flew with us on #flight828. I love you all… onwards! Ben Stone, out.”

When will Netflix release Manifest Season 3?

Season 3 of Manifest concluded on June 10 on NBC and frustratingly left viewers with a cliffhanger the trailer promised to solve.

Netflix typically releases licensed content about six to nine months after its original airdate. Therefore, fans should expect Manifest Season 3 around December 2021 at best.

Manifest Season 3 is currently available to watch on NBCUniversal’s Peacock, where it’s available to stream and Hulu subscribers.

Watch the first two seasons of Manifest on Netflix.

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flo schlosser
flo schlosser
2 years ago

When you watch a show “series” you expect to see it to the end, not have someone decide not to show the final season. I am not very happy with Netflix at this time.

Linda J
Linda J
2 years ago

I don’t understand why shows get canceled. there is nothing on reg tv that I watch but Manifest and now they cancel it. I don’t even know if I will keep Netflix if they cancel the show. It was a great show and it sad that no one will pick it up.

brian parson
brian parson
2 years ago

seriously..?.. how bout canceling some other show. I finally find a show i like and some mowron that knows nothing (obviously) about what people like , pulls the plug. BIG BOOOOOO!!!!