When is the Big Brother 21 season finale on CBS?

Holly Allen Swimsuit BB21
Holly Allen as a member of the BB21 cast during summer 2019 season. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother 21 season finale is starting to creep up on the calendar. The BB21 cast still has a lot of people competing for the $500,000 prize, but the days are really starting to add up.

The summer 2019 season got started back on June 25 for CBS viewers, but the houseguests were already playing the game before that. In fact, as of the publishing of this article, they have been playing for 60 days.

The season is going to last a total of 99 days, making it one of the longer installments that CBS has worked with. The longer seasons tend to provide more primetime episodes on key nights for the network and the ratings for the BB21 cast continue to be good.

When is the Big Brother 21 season finale?

The houseguests will determine the Big Brother 21 winner on Wednesday, September 25. It may seem like that date is still a long way down the road, but it could sneak up on these cast members rather quickly.

During the final episode, $500,000 will be awarded to the winner by the BB21 jury. The second-place finisher will get $50,000 for their work this summer. The fans will also be voting on America’s Favorite Houseguest, with that honoree getting a $25,000 prize. Fans are already weighing in with thoughts about AFH this summer.

The Big Brother 21 season finale is on the same night as the Survivor 39 premiere. This is what CBS likes to do each fall, as one of the reality competition shows takes a bow and the other one picks up the torch.

Survivor 39 has already been filmed and has all the makings of an exciting endeavor for the show. Early spoilers reveal that former castaways Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine are back to help mentor 20 new competitors in an interesting twist on the way things have been done in the past.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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