When does Station 19 come back on TV?

Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy on Station 19
Andy’s life hangs in the balance on Station 19. Pic credit: ABC

Station 19 ended with a fall finale that left viewers wondering what will happen next. In true ABC fashion, two lives after left hanging in the balance as the show ended. So, when will Station 19 come back to the network?

Being a part of TGIT on ABC has perks. With that, Station 19 will return sometime in January 2019 along with Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder. After sharing much of their fan base due to being a spin-off, the show appears to perform well with the Grey’s Anatomy audience.

As the Station 19 fall finale came to a close, viewers were left wondering what would happen to Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) and Captain Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe). They were in a serious accident and it doesn’t look good for them. Will they survive the canyon wreck?

Maya (Danielle Savre) gets the news she will be transferring to Station 23. She was eager to call and tell Andy and when there was no answer, that is when viewers knew things would be bad for the Station 19 characters.

The next two months will be filled with what-ifs as viewers wait on the Station 19 to return to the Thursday night lineup. With all of the bombshells from the fall finale, there is plenty left to tie up.

While no actual return date has been officially announced yet for Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy does return on Thursday, January 18. That means viewers can expect the series to return on the same day.

Station 19 returns to ABC in January 2019.

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