When does Shameless return in 2019? Date you’ve been waiting for is almost here!

Frank Gallagher wears a baby carrier on Shameless
Showtime viewers can’t wait for Season 9 of Shameless to return. Pic credit: Showtime

Shameless is Showtimes longest running scripted series so it’s not surprising that viewers are clamoring for the return of Season 9.

With some big changes coming at the end of the season, including the departure of Emmy Rossum after already saying goodbye to Cameron Monaghan, we’re winding down to the end of an era but not the end of the series.

What is the Shameless Season 9 return date?

Season 9 of Shameless is returning to TV screens much sooner than you may think! In fact, get ready for some fun time with the Gallagher family this week as Shameless returns on Sunday, January 20 on Showtime.

Season 9, episode 8 of Shameless

The upcoming episode of Shameless is titled The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Alibi. Here’s the synopsis for the episode:

Fiona’s downward spiral continues; Carl and Kelly continue their relationship in secret; Ingrid ropes Frank into fulfilling her lifelong dream; Tami shows Lip a different version of adulthood.

Knowing that Fiona’s time is limited on the series, viewers should pay special attention to her “downward spiral” as that should help explain her exit from Shameless at the end of Season 9.

Likewise, Showtime is now setting up the storylines for everyone else to move on without Rossum’s character Fiona, which has been central to the series since it began.

What about a Season 10 renewal for Shameless?

While we do know that Emmy Rossum is leaving after Season 9 is over, Showtime has not yet announced the Season 10 renewal for the show.

As we get closer to the premiere date for the second half of Season 9, there is an expectation that Shameless will get renewed at least for another season.

William H. Macy has previously talked about Shameless and just how far he’s willing to take the show. Just over a year ago, he told TV Insider that we can expect 10 seasons from Shameless.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll do one more season, if not two. Ten altogether sounds just about right, otherwise I might get bored. It’s exciting to think about finding another great character to play. Oh, listen to me. Who am I kidding? The time will come to end Shameless and I’ll be weeping and begging, ‘Puh-leez, I love Frank! Just one more season! I’ll do it for free!'”

William H. Macy – TV Insider

Shameless returns on Sunday, January 20 at 9/8c on Showtime.

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