When does Chicago P.D. return to NBC?

Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek on Chicago P.D.
When Chicago P.D. returns, Ruzek will work to save Antonio. Pic credit: NBC

Chicago P.D. ended last week with a lot of questions. The winter finale has viewers wondering what will happen to the Intelligence unit. With the heightened suspense of the popular NBC drama, fans want to know when Chicago P.D. will return to finish out the season.

At the end of the last episode, Antonio (Jon Seda) pushed the man who attacked his daughter to his death. It was clearly unintentional as the wall appeared to be real but unfortunately, it turned out to be fake and the attacker fell to his death. Now, the race is on to figure out what will happen to Antonio given the circumstances of his opiate addiction.

When will Chicago P.D. return?

The next episode of Chicago P.D. will air on January 9, 2019. It is then that the storyline will pick up and viewers will find out what happens to Antonio. The previews suggest that Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) will take matters into his own hands and try to save his buddy. This is a huge step because, for a while, the two were at odds over Voight (Jason Beghe).

What’s next for Intelligence?

As the unit is working to solve crimes and deal with escalating violence, there are some underlying issues. There has been speculation that Jon Seda may exit Chicago P.D. following Antonio’s battle with opiates, though that seems to be untrue. He will need to stick around to finish things up and if he decides to leave then, an announcement will likely come.

Adam and Hailey (Tracy Spiridakos) are getting hot and heavy. Their relationship is being kept on the down low, but their coworkers are starting to catch on. Could this develop into another workplace romance for Adam? It didn’t end so well with Burgess (Marina Squerciati).

Things within Intelligence are frequently tested. Antonio is in a bad place, but Voight will likely be able to pull off the impossible and get him the help he needs without consequences. They are family, and despite some unethical practices, they ride or die for their team.

Chicago P.D. Returns January 9, 2019, at 10/9c on NBC.

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